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Recumbent types
There are two main types of tricycle

Delta;  one wheel in  front and two at the rear, this configuration is common among conventional tricycle i.e. not recumbent, the rider is in a similar position as a bicycle rider
Tadpole two wheels at the front and one at the rear,
Both types of tricycle are used around the world as cycle rickshaws and cargo transport
Though Recumbents use both configurations, the most common is the tadpole as nearly all recumbent tricycle manufacturers produce tadpoles. There are exceptions, one being Hasebikes  in Germany who only produce Delta recumbents. and an Australian manufacturer, Greenspeed who produce the Anura as part of their range
Recumbent tricycles are ideal for anyone who has balance problems or has difficulty walking, as the legs and hips are not baring any weight and the muscles used are different to a conventional bicycle or tricycle also they can be adapted easier for most disabilities, any one with back problems could find a recumbent better because the back is supported by the seat unlike a conventional bicycle or tricycle, which does not offer any support
There are also recumbent bicycles, though these are rare in the UK. They have two main variants; (there are several "sub" variants); Long wheelbase; pedals behind the front wheel; and short wheelbase; pedals in front of the front wheel
Steering on recumbents can be handle bars, similar to an bicycle and under seat. Tricycles are usually under seat and bicycles are usually handle bars,
As with conventional bicycles, recumbents can be factory fitted with electric assist systems and some are manufactured so that e-assist can be fitted at a later date e.g. the Hase Tigo