Castleford Recumbents
KMX Karts have six trikes in their portfolio

KMX K-3 Childs Sports Trike
The K-3 is a great introduction to the exciting world of KMX

KMX Kompact
The “Kompact” is a great fun trike for older kids and young adults. Simplicity, quality and performance at an affordable price


KMX Kompact "R"
The “Kompact is a great fun trike for older kids and young adults. The “R” model benefits from quality spoked wheels and aluminium boom with 3 piece cranks.


KMX Kolt Adults Sports Trike
A great introduction to trike riding. Robust, easy to ride and low maintenance the Kolt features 8 speed gears and individual front braking making it a favourite for first time buyers, rental fleets and the leisure industry. The Kolt represents excellent value for money and is easily upgradable for more gears and a rear disc brake using our upgrade kits. Come and join the fun


KMX Kobra Adults Sports Trike
Our trail riding trike. This strong versatile trike is equally at home on roads or gravel tracks. Featuring a 24" rear wheel, 24 speed gears and disc brakes on all three wheels the Kobra is our go anywhere trike. Ideal for a fun and adventurous day out.


KMX Koyote Adults Sports Trike
High quality folding aluminium trike. Designed for road riding, the fast folding aluminium frame gives the ability to easily store and transport the trike. Built with high end components including 10 speed rear cassette, bar end shifters and double front chain rings giving a super smooth wide range 20 speed gear set. This trike features a breathable mesh seat with a built in adjustable head rest for those long comfortable rides.

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Electric Assist
KMX Electric assist conversions are a great fun way to enjoy your KMX trike. A smooth, powerful motor silently assists your peddling and gives the feeling of continually riding downhill. With a range of around 40 miles these electric conversion kits are great for a daily commute or leisurely day ride. Multiple assistance levels let you select the amount of effort you wish to put in so you can work hard and go fast or take it easy and still go fast.