Castleford Recumbents
Full Fat
ICE Trikes
An off road machine good for riding on unsurfaced tracks also good for riders who cannot use trikes with a lower seating position
Starting price £2409
Similar to the Adventure but with a lower seating position, so does not perform well on unpaved roads
Starting price £2381
Very high seating position very good for serious off roaders. one of the pre-production models was used in an Antartic event and was the first HPV to reach the South Pole
A pure sports trike the ground clearance makes it unsuitable for trail riding
All the models shown are factory customisable, coming with different types of gearing and a 26 inch rear wheel option and suspension (except the vtx which comes with 26 inch rear as standard and no suspension options )
Delivery is about 6 weeks though the Adventure and Sprint basic models can be quicker
starting price £3350
staring price £3627
Double click on the photo of the trike you are interested in and you will go to the ICE YouTube video of that model (for best viewing set playback to full 1080 HD)