Castleford Recumbents
Hase are a German make and only do Delta (one wheel in front and two at the back)Trikes. All their machines can be factory adapted to suit most disabilities, also they supply items that may be able to be fitted to other makes of Trike

They also produce Tandems which have the front rider (called a stoker) in a recumbent position and the rear rider (Called a pilot, or Captain ), who steers and controls the gears etc. in the conventional upright position

All their tricycles are capable of being coupled together the record is 76 Ketwisel recumbent trikes 
I have a 2010 Lepus that can be tried,  this not the same as the current Lepus but could give one some indication of the handling of a Delta trike
Prices start at around £2150, Prices subject to Pound - Euro exchange.
Trike models: Ketwisel, Lepus, Trix, Trigo
Tandem model: Pino
I am willing to get a Pino if you wish