Castleford Recumbents
Castleford Recumbents are specialises in recumbent cycle sales and service. We are agents  for ICE Trikes and KMX Karts but will try and get any make of recumbent cycle
We also service and repair all types of cycle

There are currently four demonstration Trikes;
ICE Adventure; adult only adjustable from 1.6 meters (5 foot 4 inches) to 1.9 meters (6 foot 4 inches)
Hase Lepus; 2010 model, adult only, limited adjustment: 100 mm (3.5 inches)
KMX Kompact;  for ages 10 to 16 or small adult
KMX K3 for ages 5 to 11
The KMX age is based on the average height of the age range
Specialist Recumbent cycle sales and service
Because Castleford Recumbents do not at this time have a shop, all visits will have to be by appointment only
we can, and will, bring demonstation trikes to your location.
Be aware that the Hase Lepus is a 2010 model and not part of their current models and due to its size it can only be brought to your location by itself